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Issue 34

Chris, Mike and Shawn welcome Science Officer Jordan to the show! Beer, wine and mead are consumed while the newly completed 4 piece discuss Marvel’s Secret Empire and the DCU’s appropriation of Alan Moore’s The Watchmen in Batman: The Button. Are these Universe-shaking stories events or cataclysmic cash-grabs? Find out this episode. Oh yeah, and Mike tells the world why he hates superstar comic artist Alex Ross! Here’s a hint: Flash! AH-AH.

Issue 33

And we’re back! Dw/C returns and Chris Saunders joins Mike and Shawn as new full-time co-host, ready to talk about the infamous relationship between Crystar the Crystal Warrior #8 and Glenn Danzig! Also on tap this issue: Deadly Class, Kill or Be Killed, Mike reflects on his friendship with recently deceased Richard Hatch (RIP) and we get another edition of Close Your Eyes and Feel This!

Issue: 32

It’s issue #32 and Dw/C welcomes David F. Walker, writer of the new Power Man & Iron Fist series for Marvel! We talk about Con culture, continuing a crime-hero legacy with David’s Shaft series from Dynamite, his stint on DC’s Cyborg and of course, the very special relationship between Luke Cage and Danny Rand. All this and David gives a shout out to the swear jar at Brian Michael Bendis’s house and how Mr. Bendis influenced David’s take on Mr. Cage.