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Issue: 15

This is it! The season finale of Drinking w/ Comics! Lots of great stuff to talk about – our survey, the death of Wolverine, Warren Ellis’ Supreme Blue Rose. Oh, and 1988′s Epic Comics’ Prestige Format mini series Havok and Wolverine: Meltdown. Also, we take a serious look at the top ten Marvel books ranked in the new free Marvel 75th Anniversary Magazine (available at your local comic book store). What’s number 10? What’s number 3? What’s #1? Mike and Shawn run the list down and tell you if they agree.

Oh, and what the hell is that cube sitting on the desk?

Issue: 14

This issue Mike and Shawn are joined on camera by the Action Figure Insider himself, renowned toy expert Daniel Pickett. Topics of discussion range from McFarlane Toys new Walking Dead Building sets, the new Flash tv show, Brubaker & Phillips’ The Fade Out and Grant Morrison’s Multiversity. The crew also gets a fantastic flashback pic from Daniel in the form of Piranha Press’ Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children (specifically the infamous A Cotton Candy Autopsy) and Mike talks about The Comic Bug’s forthcoming new, second location in Culver City!!! All while enjoying Double Take Brewing’s Belgian White Ale.

Issue: 13

In this issue of the show we drink Firestone Brewery’s Pale 31 and Speakeasy’s Metropolis Lager while we talk more about former guest Larime Taylor and his brilliant book A Voice in the Dark, which could use a little help from our viewers! Also, science Officer Sara offers up Buzzfeed’s list of top indie comics – which leads to a discussion on just what exactly ‘indie’ is. From we go into Bill Sienkiewicz’s Stray Toasters and Paul Gulacy’s art on Master of Kung Fu. Mike rounds it out by giving us the secret origin of the GIJOE franchise.

Issue: 12

In Issue 12 the Drinking w/ Comics crew welcomes guest host Jessica Kinni! Jessica schools Mike and Shawn on Gluten free beer, Doctor Who and Reality TV. Meanwhile, several delicious pints of Lost Coast Brewery’s Downtown Brown Ale sufficiently spur Mike to deliver the lowdown on just how variant covers really work. Other topics include Joss & Jed Whedon’s Dollhouse, Archie from Riverdale’s heroic death and Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini’s new book Low. Oh, and speaking of RR, the ongoing drinking game that revolves around the mention of his name goes haywire!

Issue: 11

In this issue the Drinking w/ Comics crew welcomes Aspen Comics’ Vince Hernandez (Damsels in Excess) and Siya Oum (LOLA XOXO). Big Sky Brewing’s Moose Drool Brown Ale and Lucky Buddha’s Pale Lager are on tap. Topics of discussion center on, of course, Siya and Vince’s books and artistic processes, as well what you need to know in case of an apocalypse, variant covers, SDCC’14, Galactus, Punk Rock Jesus and Scott Snyder & Sean Murphy’s The Wake.