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Issue 34

Chris, Mike and Shawn welcome Science Officer Jordan to the show! Beer, wine and mead are consumed while the newly completed 4 piece discuss Marvel’s Secret Empire and the DCU’s appropriation of Alan Moore’s The Watchmen in Batman: The Button. Are these Universe-shaking stories events or cataclysmic cash-grabs? Find out this episode. Oh yeah, and Mike tells the world why he hates superstar comic artist Alex Ross! Here’s a hint: Flash! AH-AH.

Issue 33

And we’re back! Dw/C returns and Chris Saunders joins Mike and Shawn as new full-time co-host, ready to talk about the infamous relationship between Crystar the Crystal Warrior #8 and Glenn Danzig! Also on tap this issue: Deadly Class, Kill or Be Killed, Mike reflects on his friendship with recently deceased Richard Hatch (RIP) and we get another edition of Close Your Eyes and Feel This!