Issue: 24

Dw/C is back! Mike and Shawn catch up on all the comics they’ve read on the hiatus, including James Robinson and Greg Hinkle’s brilliant AIRBOY, Marvel’s Weirdworld, the Harley Quinn and Power Girl team-up book, Sex Criminals, and a whole host of other stuff. All this great comics discussion is fueled by Magic Hat Brewing’s Night of the Living Dead variety pack! Oh yeah, and Mike promises to show up some time soon in a Vartox cosplay – why not? It’ll look better than the Apocalypse make-up for the next X-movie, right?

Issue: 23

Good lord, what DON’T we talk about in this issue? Mike and Shawn throw down on Chip Zdarsky’s Kaptara, Archie vs. Predator, Alex de Campi’s Grindhouse series, Becky Cloonan and Andy Belanger’s Southern Cross and Optic Nerve #14 to name a few. Oh, and speaking of Predator, Shawn’s flashback pick is the BRILLIANT 1989 Predator mini series from Dark Horse, you know, the one that SHOULD have been used as the template for the movie Predator 2. All this and more, while the gang drink Uinta brewery’s insanely refreshing Sum’r Ale and Ol’ Burro’s Favorable Stout!

Robbi Rodriguez Interview

On the eve of his appearance at The Comic Bug’s FCBDcon Shawn and Mike sit down in a quaint living room setting and talk to the co-creator of Inclusive Age phenomenon SPIDER GWEN about where the idea for the character came from, who their version of Gwen is based on and how comics are changing. Oh, and Robbi also spills the beans about the book that he and Jason Latour ALMOST did for Marvel.