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Drinking w/ Comics: The Conversation

Basket Full of Heads

While everyone is sheltered-in-place and the Comics Industry is on pause, Chris and Shawn begin a new, Quarantined version of the show. Audio only, in DwC: The Conversation we will discuss the state of the world and how it impacts comic creators, readers, and retailers, as well as all the great stuff we’re reading now that we all have so much time on our hands! Want someone to help you get your most bang for your buck with what to read? Check us out!
This episode we talk industry, innovation, Joe Hill’s <em>Hill House</em> pop-up imprint at DC, Mirka Andolfo’s <em>Mercy</em>, Jonathan Hickman’s <em>Decorum</em>, and a couple other great books as well. Crack open a cold one and let us tell you what to read!

Re-Launch Special Number One: Atomic Basement Comics!!!


Mike and Shawn are back! A new shop, a new town, a new beer! That’s right, we’ve moved the show to the LBC – 400 E. 3rd St. Long Beach. Join us for Mike and Anthony’s gala opening all-nighter, where comic creators Christie Shinn, Zen, and Don Nguyen sit in and help us talk all things comics! Topics of discussion include but are not limited to: Independent Comic Book Creation, Demon Bitch, Pablo the Gorilla, Pink Power, Superman #18 and The Mandalorian!