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Half-Pint: Eric Powell’s Goon & Mike’s Ice Bucket

Continuing the gulp-sized micro-series, Mike and Shawn discuss Eric Powell’s comic The Goon, as well as his recent collaboration with John Carpenter on the Big Trouble in Little China sequel book from Boom! Oh, and Mike goes one step further than you’d expect in mourning the social ills of the last few weeks.

Issue: 10

In this issue Mike and Shawn go back to basics. Beers on tap include Goose Island’s delicious Sofie, Franziskaner and Alaskan Amber, and topics of discussion range from Robert Kirkman’s new book Outcast, Crystar the Crystal Warrior, the new batch of Guardians of the Galaxy solo books and 80s classic Nick Fury Vs. SHIELD. Oh yeah, and Joe.Baxter introduces the guys to the Stan Lee’s Excelsior Awards after Shawn and Science Officer Erin help him conduct some ESP experiments.