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Issue: 28

Dw/C welcomes back moviepilot.com Editor At Large Alisha Grauso to talk the upcoming Dr. Strange movie, Netflix’s Jessica Jones and the Marvel comic it’s based on, as well as Marjorie Liu’s Monstress, Tango Unlimited’s George Romero spin-off Descent of the Dead and the new Star Wars series Vader Down. Plus Shawn tells us why he thinks Fox’s new Lucifer TV series won’t live up to the wonders of the Mike Carey/Peter Gross comic of the same name. Oh yeah, and we debut a new Goose Island Farmhouse Ale, the Halia!

Issue: 5

Issue #5 is here and includes our first live studio audience! It also includes our interview with Stray Bullets creator David Lapham! Featured beer is Deschutes Red Chair, a tasty Pale Ale perfect for loosening the crew’s tongues while they discuss Ben Templesmith’s The Squidder, the finale of Transformers: Regeneration One, Garth Ennis’ Caliban, Deadpool’s Wedding, and a whole host more, including Mike’s story about a bizarre interaction with Glenn Danzig in the comic shop!

Also, the Grant Morrison Batman annotations that Shawn mentions are here:



And to supplement, because it ties in so heavy, here’s some to Morrison’s perplexingly awesome Final Crisis: