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Issue: 30

The Magnificent King Harbor Brewing sponsors the latest episode where Dw/C welcomes actress/cosplayer extraordinaire Jenny Wenger, Actor/Comedian Curtis Fortier and sound design specialist Crows Chris Saunders, all of whom were in on the recent table read performance of Joss Whedon’s long-abandoned Wonder Woman script. We talk about the event, Cosplay, doing stand-up in the Middle East, “filtering”, We Can Never Go Home, Wytches, Len Wein’s return to Swamp Thing, Hollow Ship and Mike’s new show Geekin’ Out with the Comic Bug! All that, delicious King Harbor beer and a whole lot more!

Development Hell II: Joss Whedon’s WONDER WOMAN!

Drinking With Comics is proud to bring you DEVELOPMENT HELL II, the Comic Bug’s table read of Joss Whedon’s legendary unproduced Wonder Woman script!

The Cast:

Jennifer Wenger — Diana/Wonder Woman
Curtis Fortier — Steve Trevor
Adam Marcus — Narrator, Ares
Debra Sullivan — Hippolyta, Newcaster, Hooker, Op 2, Old Woman, Old Lady, Head of Security
Rafael Navarro — Ben, Op 5, Boy
Scott Koblish — Kleen, Op 3, Guy
Tracy Drolet — Dr. Sully, Aethra, Op 1, Ginny, Girl, Assistant, The Girlfriend,
DJ Kirkbride — Griffen, Guard, Homeless Guy, Tech Guy, Newscaster #2
Kate Enggren — Callas, Hepestia, Peasant, Manager, Circe, Indignant Girl
Eddie Jordan III — Goshnak, Strife, Gangbanger, Rebel, Op 4, Dealer, Tech 2, Baccas (Dionysus)

Issue: 12

In Issue 12 the Drinking w/ Comics crew welcomes guest host Jessica Kinni! Jessica schools Mike and Shawn on Gluten free beer, Doctor Who and Reality TV. Meanwhile, several delicious pints of Lost Coast Brewery’s Downtown Brown Ale sufficiently spur Mike to deliver the lowdown on just how variant covers really work. Other topics include Joss & Jed Whedon’s Dollhouse, Archie from Riverdale’s heroic death and Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini’s new book Low. Oh, and speaking of RR, the ongoing drinking game that revolves around the mention of his name goes haywire!