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Issue: 18

The crew welcome Robert Strawder, AKA Boba Fresh to the show for an in-depth discussion on Grant Morrison’s Multiversity. Praga Czech Pilsner and Red Hook’s Winter Hook are among the beers on tap and Robert shares his immense DC knowledge – as well as the harrowing personal story where he discovered his own mutant healing factor! Oh, yeah, and Dial H for Hero comes up, past, present and future!

Issue: 14

This issue Mike and Shawn are joined on camera by the Action Figure Insider himself, renowned toy expert Daniel Pickett. Topics of discussion range from McFarlane Toys new Walking Dead Building sets, the new Flash tv show, Brubaker & Phillips’ The Fade Out and Grant Morrison’s Multiversity. The crew also gets a fantastic flashback pic from Daniel in the form of Piranha Press’ Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children (specifically the infamous A Cotton Candy Autopsy) and Mike talks about The Comic Bug’s forthcoming new, second location in Culver City!!! All while enjoying Double Take Brewing’s Belgian White Ale.