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Issue: 27

The Dw/C crew welcomes Pinguino Kolb and Robert Walker, creators of geek-friendly dating app Cuddli, as well as Damphyr, the imbibe alchemist responsible for The Drunken Fandom, the website that brings you new cocktails inspired by fan culture. The conversation starts with, of course, drinking, then touches on the ups and downs of geek culture dating, and eventually settles heavily into comics, where among other things, we discuss The Weirding Willows, Dave Crosland’s Ego Rehab, Rat Queens, Always Raining Here and Skottie Young’s I Hate Fairyland. Damphyr and Shawn get into a fair amount of X-esoterica while discussing Peter David’s X-Factor Investigations and X-books in general, as well as some insight into the upcoming Hellfire Club and Legion television series in development. Oh yeah, and along with Goose Island’s gorgeous Autumn Ale, Damphyr mixes up several batches of her delightful Hoetoe and Cuddli-inspired cocktails. Now that’s good drinking!

Issue: 7

In light of the events of the previous episode, Shawn is put in a position where he must fight not only for his life but for his spot on the show. Meanwhile, Joe.Baxter makes a power play and Mike draws a line in the sand – with #davidgoyer.

Oh yeah, and we talk about Stone Brewery’s wonderful Saison, Mark Millar’s MPH, She Hulk’s dating habits, Dark Horse’s imminent loss of the Star Wars property back to Marvel, Tim Vigil’s Faust and Sequart’s wonderful Chris Claremont Documentary (which can be bought here: http://sequart.org/movies/4/comics-in-focus-chris-claremonts-x-men/)