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Issue: 19

The crew take the show on the road to Torrance, California’s newest (and best) independent bookstore The Book Frog! Ol Burro Brewery’s Gold Brick Pale Ale and Angel City Brewery’s Angeleno IPA are consumed as Mike and Shawn discuss Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham’s Nameless, Joshua Dysart’s Imperium, Marvel’s new Star Wars titles, those weird comic book ads of the 70s and 80s and, um… Dianetics? Oh yeah, and Book Frog Proprietor Rebecca Glenn talks with Mike about independent business in the internet age!

Issue: 18

The crew welcome Robert Strawder, AKA Boba Fresh to the show for an in-depth discussion on Grant Morrison’s Multiversity. Praga Czech Pilsner and Red Hook’s Winter Hook are among the beers on tap and Robert shares his immense DC knowledge – as well as the harrowing personal story where he discovered his own mutant healing factor! Oh, yeah, and Dial H for Hero comes up, past, present and future!

Issue: 17

Special guest Action Figure Insider Daniel Pickett joins the crew for an episode that begins by weighing the pros and cons of both the Gotham and Constantine television series before traveling off into a discussion that touches on the evolution of Spiderman’s most famous nemesis Venom, whether or not Frank Miller should follow through on a third installment of his “Dark Knight” narrative and Marisa Stotter’s new women-in-comics doc She Makes Comics. Oh yeah, and speaking of Constantine, Shawn talks about Richard Adam Reynolds & Waking Dream Studio’s BRILLIANT Constantine fan film “Soul Play”. And, ah, what’s with the racist Star Wars fans? Think they’d dig the Shaft comic Dynamite Comics just started publishing? The one that Mike loves? All this and New Belgium Brewery’s seasonal white IPA Accumulation add up to an hour packed with awesomeness!

Issue: 7

In light of the events of the previous episode, Shawn is put in a position where he must fight not only for his life but for his spot on the show. Meanwhile, Joe.Baxter makes a power play and Mike draws a line in the sand – with #davidgoyer.

Oh yeah, and we talk about Stone Brewery’s wonderful Saison, Mark Millar’s MPH, She Hulk’s dating habits, Dark Horse’s imminent loss of the Star Wars property back to Marvel, Tim Vigil’s Faust and Sequart’s wonderful Chris Claremont Documentary (which can be bought here: http://sequart.org/movies/4/comics-in-focus-chris-claremonts-x-men/)